It all started with a bottle of rum…

Don’t Call Me Cupcake! Emerged in 2012 when long time friends Reheleh and Tova decided to leave behind the mundane life of their 9-5’s and began the journey of fulfilling their dreams. The idea of opening a bakery featuring the best tasting gourmet cupcakes, cookies and cheesecake using fresh and simple ingredients. With a few tweaks to Tova’s mothers original rum cake recipe and a bottle of J. Wray and Nephew White rum in hand, they ran with it. The result undeniably the best tasting rum infused cupcakes on the planet!

Tova, the only girl of 6 siblings found her Passion for baking and entrepreneurial spirit from her not so traditional Jamaican mother who introduced her to a world of creativity through very imaginative and daring cooking and baking techniques.  It was not unusual to come home from school to find one of her Greek, Italian or East Indian neighbours in the kitchen with her mother to give a lesson in their traditional baking techniques.  Tova did not know it then, but it was there in the kitchen with her loving mother her love of baking blossomed.  There she learned that only the best and freshest ingredients, along with a touch of love resulted in the most delicious treats.

At Don’t Call Me Cupcake! we believe in keeping it simple. Taking no shortcuts, baked from scratch in small batches, using only the freshest ingredients is the concept that drives this bakery. Committed to providing the best tasting cupcakes available, DCMC! will take your love of cupcakes to another level.  As for the name well, Don’t Call Me Cupcake!…simply because it’s better than that!